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The Horror Lovers Challenge (Part 1)

While reading one of my favourite horror blogs to follow called Freddy In Space  , I came across a post about a Horror Lovers Challenge that was originally posted by @Lizzyiztwizted on twitter. Lizzy made up an interesting list of questions that any Horror Fan would enjoy answering.   Considering I am always up for a challenge and because I had a lot of fun reading Freddy in Space's responses, I decided to take the challenge myself!  So here goes nothing...

1-  Scariest Kid Character in a Horror Movie

Salem's Lot- If you have seen Salem's Lot, then you know it is hard to erase the image of little Ralphie Glick floating outside his brothers window.  After Ralphie mysteriously disappears in the woods on the way home one night, he reappears at his brother's window as a "child of the night" floating in mid air.    Danny mistakenly lets his brother in the room and soon turns into a monster also.  

2- Best Sex Scene Murder

The Hunger-  When it comes to best sex scenes in Horror Movies, the Vampire genre wins every time.   Because Vampires use sex appeal to lure their victims, naturally Vamp movies and sex scenes go hand in hand, so of course the best sex scene would be in a Vampire movie!  The Hunger has a couple of sexy scenes that are worth watching, first the shower scene with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie and later in the movie, another love scene between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon.  

3- Creepiest Dead Body

Black Sabbath-  This Mario Bava anthology full of classic horror stories and a great performance from Boris Karloff.  The shortest but most memorable story of the three is called The Drop of Water.  A woman with questionable morals decides to steal a ring from a dead woman's body.  Of course things don't turn out very well for her and she is haunted by the woman she stole from.  The final scene of the dead body rising is creepy as hell!

4- A Horror Musical You Enjoy

Rocky Horror Picture Show- Although I really enjoyed Repo the Genetic Opera, I still have to go with my favourite musical of all time: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I love watching Rocky at home, but the best way to see it is in a packed theatre with a shadow cast.   I was even lucky enough to see it recently with a shadow cast and introduced by none other than Magenta herself, Patricia Quinn.  That was a fun evening!

5- Funniest Horror Movie Character

Shaun of the Dead- This is one of my favourite Horror comedies of all time.  Shaun of the Dead is actually three movies rolled into one:  Romantic comedy, Buddy movie, and Zombie Apocalypse movie.  Some how the combination is an absolute perfect mix of horror and comedy.  "So let's go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for this all to blow over. "

6- Favourite Woman in the World of Horror

Ripley-  Now this is a tough one to answer.   There are so many great women in  horror.  In fact we have a whole month to celebrate all the best ladies in the genre.  One of my favourite things about the horror genre is "the final girl"concept.  I love that there is almost always a girl who survives and kills off the bad guy at the end of most slashers.  And who better to represent them all then Ripley, who seriously kicks some alien butt in Aliens.  

7- A Horror Movie You'd Be In

Horror of Dracula- I would give anything to travel back in time and play the part of Mina Holmwood in Horror of Dracula just so Christopher Lee can bite me!  I really should have been born earlier so I could have been a Hammer Glamour girl.  

8- Favourite Alien Related Horror Movie

Alien-  The chest bursting scene in Alien is what lifts this Sci-Fi thriller above all the other alien related movies for me.  Along with John Carpenter's The Thing, it is one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies of all time.  Alien is truly terrifying and plays out like a classic gothic horror movie but in space! 

9- Best Horror TV Series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- What can I say?  I am a die hard Buffy fan through and through.  I have watched the series at least three times now.  Not to mention the original movie starring Donald Sutherland and Kristy Swanson and the excellent spin off series as well, Angel.  There were so many great episodes in Buffy, but my favourite one has to be Hush.  Hush is by far the scariest episode in the series. 

10- A Serial Killer You Hate

Ed Gein-  I am not really sure with this question, if Lizzy means a fictional serial killer or a real one?  If I had to list a real serial killer, I would have to say Ed Gein.  Ed Gein was such a notoriously evil serial killer that he inspired many Horror Movies including Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre just to name a few.

11- Most Ditzy Horror Character

Zarabeth in Witchboard- Zarabeth is a very ditzy psychic that is called in to help a couple with an evil spirit problem they created when they played around with a friend's Ouija board at a house party.  Witchboard is one of those movies where you start out not really expecting much from it ( it is pretty cheesy after all), but actually end up enjoying it quite a bit.   And it stars a young and very pretty Tawny Kitaen. 

12- Favourite Horror Movie of the Year

The Conjuring- I love it when modern movies are a throw back to classic horror.  The Conjuring was a good old fashioned ghost story.   I am starting to become a fan of James Wan because of it, and am looking forward to seeing what he directs next.  

13- Best Impalement

The Omen- The Impalement scene in The Omen is such a classic horror scene. After Father Brennan tries to warn Robert Thorn about his son, Damon, he ends up being "chased" through a park to a church.   It is almost as if the Devil himself is chasing Father Brennan through the park and the scene ends with a spectacular impalement from a lightning rod.  

14- Killer Who Has the Best Weapon

Freddy Krueger- Freddy wins this contest hands down. Or should I say gloves down?  What other Horror character has such an iconic weapon?  

15- A Horror Love Story

Return of the Living Dead 3- Curt and Julie are young lovers.  After a tragic accident in which Julie dies, Curt desperately tries to reanimate her.   He succeeds in bringing her back, but now she is a soul less zombie.  She feels no pain and is constantly hungry for human flesh.  Even though I enjoyed the Zombie love story Warm Bodies recently, Return of the Living Dead 3 was a much better film.  Maybe because the end was more tragic and not glossed over with a happy ending the way Warm Bodies was.  

That is the end of part 1 of The Horror Lovers Challenge for me.  Please feel free to leave your own answers to the questions in the comments below.  I look forward to reading everyone's lists.

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