Friday, June 22, 2012

Monster Mary's Top Ten WTF??!! Moments in Horror Movies

Have you ever been watching a movie,  everything seems normal and then all of sudden something completely outrageous happens?  All you can do is sit there thinking WTF!! What just happened?  Did they really go there?  Sometimes it's a twist at the end of the movie, sometimes a character dies that you weren't expecting, and sometimes the scene is just so strange that you sit there glued to the TV with your mouth hanging open.  Here are my  Top Ten WTF!!! Moments in Horror.

I feel I need to give a spoiler alert on some of these movies because there is no way to make this list without giving away a few story lines!  So you have been warned!  If you don't mind on!

10- The Orphanage (2007)
A woman goes back to her childhood home that was in an Orphanage.  She intends to buy the Orphanage and fix it up to take care of orphaned children again.  She is a lovely woman and obviously cares a lot for her own son and the orphans she takes care of.  Her son goes missing and she is extremely distraught over it.  There is also a Ghost of a small child in a mask  that keeps following her around the Orphanage.  The huge twist is at the end, and I won't give it away here so you will have to watch it for yourself!  This movie is heart breaking and moved me to tears (and that doesn't happen often in a Horror movie.

9- Saw (2004)
In Saw, two men are chained to opposite walls in a bathroom.  In the middle of the room is a corpse with a gun and a mini tape player.  They also find a bag with two hacksaws in it. The two men  soon realize the hacksaws were meant for their feet not the chains and that Jigsaw set everything up.   I think everyone who has seen Saw remembers the WTF moment when John, Jigsaw, gets up and walks out of the room.  I remember yelling at the screen "What?...What just happened?"

8- Inside (2007)
Inside has a lot of shocking surprises through out the whole Film.  I think I was saying WTF?  through the whole Movie.  Just when you hope that there might be a way for the girl to survive, something terrible happens.  The end is pretty brutal with lots of blood and a very sad turn of events.

7- The Wicker Man (1973)
A police  officer travels to a remote island looking for a lost little girl.  He is very conservative and is appalled at the local customs of the Pagans living on the island.  The first time I saw the original Wicker man, I thought it was pretty shocking.  It mostly has to do with all the Pagans singing and dancing joyfully while the Wicker man burns alive.

6- The Mist (2007)
The Mist is based on a Stephen King novel.  The military accidentally open up a portal to another dimension.  Some big bad Beasties make their way into our world through the portal and a group of people end up hiding in a grocery store waiting for help to arrive.  The ending is quite shocking and really sad.  Frankly, it left me a little depressed and also thinking WTF?

5- Sixth Sense (1999)
A young boy sees ghosts all around him.  Ghosts follow him down the street, he sees them hanging in his school, and they even follow him home at night.  He is terrified and wishes they would just leave him alone.  A Child Psychologist, Bruce Willis, tries to help him get over his fear and tell his Mother about what is really bothering him.  If you don't already know the twist to this movie, then you must have been living under a rock for the last ten years or so.  It was quite a surprise the first time I saw it and had me thinking WTF?  It's one of those Movies that is fun to watch again after you know the twist so you can pick out the clues you might have missed the first time.

4- Deadgirl (2008)
Two teenage boys find a dead girl (a Zombie) chained to a table in an abandoned building.  It's what the boys decide to do with the Zombie girl that is really shocking and leave you thinking WTF?   Who would do that?

3- Psycho (1960)
Psycho is one of the first Horror Movies I saw when I was younger.  It has some nice twists in it including killing off the big star in a very famous shower scene.  But then there is also the final reveal of who has really been doing all the killing.  What a great twist ending!  And one that will always have new fans saying WTF?

2- Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Sleepaway Camp is a typical 80s slasher with lots of gory kills and probably would have been easily forgotten except for one thing...that ending!  Talk about your shock endings!  This Movie tops them all in that department.  I had no idea that was coming.  This is another Movie where I was yelling at the screen  "what?  Angela is a what?"

1- Zombi 2 (1979)
Zombi 2 was the unofficial Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead.  It was directed by Lucio Fulci and has some great gory scenes in it including a particularly gruesome eye puncture.  But it also has one of the greatest WTF? moments in Horror history.   The scene I am talking about is the underwater fight scene between a Zombie and a Shark.  Yes, you read that right...A Zombie and a Shark! WTF??!!!

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